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Generally speaking, all four of the "when you read this book" series are products of a culmination of all the knowledge and wisdom the author attained from Muslim and non-Muslim sources throughout his life.  But more specifically, these books are commentary to particular verses from the Glorious Qur'an.  Each of the four books begin with a quote from the Qur'an and every word thereafter is used to establish that the Quranic position is accurate. The remaining booklets are written to expound upon particular issues touched on in the series. The author painstakingly provided information which is unique to each individual book and booklet.


The titles of the books are rather provocative, but this is because the Qur'an presents its claims in such a manner. In no uncertain terms, the Qur'an says that Islam is the religion of truth and that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was not crucified. Therefore it would be disingenuous to write a book about these topics which suggests that Islam is “possibly” the truth or that Jesus (pbuh) “probably” was not crucified.  Provocation demands attention. And so too does truth. The author's intention is to provoke readers with the truth. The truth about God, the truth about life, the truth about the Bible, the truth about Jesus (pbuh), the truth about Abraham (pbuh), the truth about Ishmael (pbuh), the truth about Muhammad (pbuh), the truth about the Qur'an and the truth about Islam. These truths will provoke you to change your thinking, change your heart, change your mind and change your life.









“I use this book (God the Irresistible) to teach in Sunday School” (Christian Minister)

“A (retired) Christian minister for over 28 years. In all that time I had deep questions concerning the faith that I embraced. Of late, I read your book about whether Jesus was crucified or not and my mind, rolled, my heart beat intensified, and my wondering about my private thoughts about the legitimacy of "The Trinity" have been intensified by your writing. I have your book in my computer, and will certainly scrutinize it. For the time being, your thoughts seem to parallel my own. Thank you.”


"Very compelling evidence....very compelling!"


"I would love for you to speak to my (Religions) class this fall."




“I added you (I.D. Campbell) to Oprah’s book club!”

“I read your book "Islam is the Truth." I thought that it was an EXCELLENT explanation  for those who do not know about Islam.”


“If you read the first few pages of (“God the Irresistible”), you can’t put it down.”

‘“God the Irresistible” changed my idea of God as a man to the understanding that God is outside of our imagination.”

“Me and my wife read these books together.”


“I am anxiously anticipating it (the next release).”

“I thank you for allowing me the pleasure of reading your works... Inshallah I will read them all and also pass them on to family members of mine who are in need of them.”