What Some Are Starting to Realize about Jesus (pbuh) and God?

There are many Christians who have reservations about the idea that Jesus (pbuh) was actually God. If Jesus (pbuh) was God, that would mean that the entirety of God's power was possessed inside of a 180 lb human being. However they know that this is impossible. One can not put an ocean inside of a soda bottle. So how can the power and wisdom of God possibly be encased or enclosed in a human body.

Many Trinitarians have realized the impossibility of such a notion so they postulate that God was not actually inside of Jesus (pbuh), but that God was guiding the man Jesus (pbuh) as he walked the earth. With this proclamation, what these Christian thinkers have actually done is articulate the understanding of a man who lived 600 years after Jesus (pbuh) and they are echoing the Islamic doctrine on Jesus (pbuh) shared by 1.8 billion people. It is Muslims who have insisted for 1400 years that Jesus (pbuh) was but a man, whose life, mission and message were guided by God Almighty. In fact, if the Christian thinkers are correct then Jesus’ (pbuh) miracles recorded in the Bible are falsely attributed to the man, when it was God who performed the miracles through this vessel called Jesus (pbuh). The more that they study and contemplate, they closer they will be to Islam. As the Great Ahmed Deedat said, "If you only read and follow the words of Jesus (pbuh) in the Bible, you would be a Muslim."

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