Do Muslims worship the Kaaba, or the Moon, of a Moon God?

There was a man who led the children of Israel into the land of Canaan after Moses’ (pbuh) death. His name was Joshua. In Hebrew it is Yahushua. It is the identical name of the person believed to have died for the sins of man on the cross 2000 years ago. When Christians pray to Jesus (pbuh), are they actually worshiping the Joshua of the Old Testament or Jesus (pbuh) of 2000 years ago?


 There were a number of people who were called the Messiah before Jesus (pbuh) came to this earth. When Christians worship Jesus (pbuh), are they worshiping all the false Messiahs of old? The Jews are still waiting for the Messiah. When a man comes and they pay respect to him as the Messiah, are they paying respect and honor to any of the false messiahs, at all? The answer to these questions is, absolutely not. Because you have the same name or because someone mistakenly named someone or something the name that is rightfully due to someone else in no way, shape or form affects the actual person or being who the name describes. Any rational person will acknowledge this fact, but there are those who go out of their way to discredit Islam, with pitiful

arguments like Arabs use to call the moon-god ALLAH, thus Muslims today are worshiping the moon-god.


 Their argument includes the notion that Muslims worship the Kaaba. Because people do not know that it was the first mosque, they are easily convinced that this is a huge idol which the Muslims worship five times a day. I have read great rebuttals to this argument which prove that this entire argument is nonsensical, but I felt it should be said that the argument is inconsequential, if you ask the person posing the question, how can you say that a Muslim worships the moon when no Muslim on earth makes reference to the moon or the Kaaba in worship or in any way of reverence? When the Buddhist prays to a statue of Buddha, they specifically speak to Buddha. When a Muslim prays towards the Kaaba, no one utters words in reference to the sacred mosque. Muslims give

their worship to ALLAH. The only purpose that the Kaaba has is as a centerpiece for the worship of God. The Kaaba is like a king’s ring. If his subjects kiss the ring, he is not paying respect to the ring, but to the king. Does anyone accuse the Christian of worshiping a cross or the Jews for worshiping the Wailing Wall?


The direction of prayer, or Qibla was at one time for the Muslims towards Jerusalem. But ALLAH changed the Qibla to the Kaaba in Mecca . This shift was an effort to distinction the true believers from those who were simply in the company of the believers for some benefit besides the worship of ALLAH (mostly amongst the former Jews and Christians). From that point on, Muslims were to pray towards the sacred mosque (2:142-146). But the point is that Jerusalem served as a point of worship, just as the Kaaba does now. Yet no one accuses Muslims of once worshiping the city of Jerusalem. Not to mention that Bilal used to stand on top of the Kaaba to give the call to prayer. It's obvious that he did not worship it. The Kaaba is but a tool to worship God, just as the moon is. Those from western society may not know that some use the lunar time system, instead of the solar time system. So when they hear that Muslims use the moon to determine when to fast or pray, it conjures up thoughts that Muslims must worship the moon.


The numerous flags with the star and the moon help to fuel this idea. But claiming that Muslims worship the moon is as credible as saying the entire western society worships the sun because their every action is scheduled by the sun’s activity. The claim that Muslims worship the moon is completely unsubstantiated, but often offered as proof of the invalidity of Islam. Arabs, as well as their Hebrew cousins (which include Jesus (pbuh)) use the moon to tell the time. They do not worship the moon in any form or fashion. And the symbols on the flag have the same bearing on the faith of Islam that the stars and stripes have on Christianity. Absolutely none. The moon and crescent have no religious significance, as it was adopted by Muslim countries from the dream of the founder of Ottoman Empire, Uthman, 800 years after the death of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).


 The Arabs despite their worship of a multitude of gods, even before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), held ALLAH as the supreme deity. ALLAH was viewed, as the Hindus view the Brahman, above description. And like the Hindus, they allocated inferior deities to bridge the gap between them and the supreme God. But there have been some Christian opponents of Islam, who suggest that the Arabs called one of these lesser gods, ALLAH. Of course, this is unsubstantiated and refuted by Muslim scholars who prove the moon god which they are referring to was actually called Sin, not ALLAH.



But even if their claim is true, they shoot themselves in the foot, when they say that ALLAH is but a contraction of AL-ILAH which is “the God” in Arabic. They have to dissect the word “ALLAH” to have any point to make, because as I have said Arabs have been calling the supreme God, ALLAH forever. Even Arab Christians called God ALLAH before Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) brought Islam. It becomes obvious that the generic word for god, “ilah,” could have been used for every single god that they had. So they play a sad game of associating the word “ilah” with the Canaanite god “Baal.” The first problem that they have is Baal was the sun-god, when they said ALLAH is the moon-god. The second problem that they have is that “ilah” is related to the Hebrew word “el,” which is used in the Bible for the Hebrew God. This means that the word used for God in the Bible is subject to the same criticism as the word for God in Arabic, i.e. they too worship the moon-god (or sun god). And a third problem is that in the mythology of Baal the sun-god, his father was named “EL.” In fact, the words “Baal” and “el” were interchangeable until a rift came between the Jews and the Canaanites.


Also, the polytheistic Moabites used Yahweh or Jehovah as the name of God, and even early Jews gave Yahweh, a wife name Asherah. If the discrepancies of people of the past, including Israelites, do not discredit the validity of the God of the Jews and Christians, then the discrepancy of the past Arabs have no bearing on the God of Islam. Furthermore, no Muslim worships any earthly or heavenly body. This point is brought home by the Qur’an itself.


Al-Qur'an 41:37 Among His Signs are the Night and the Day, and the Sun and the Moon. Do not prostrate to the sun and the moon, but prostrate to Allah, Who created them, if it is Him ye wish to serve.


An interesting note is that the Aramaic word “alaaha” and the Hebrew words “elah” and “eloah” all mean God and they all sound strikingly similar to ALLAH from Arabic. In the movie the passion of Christ, you might notice the similarities when Jesus (pbuh) speaks of God in Aramaic. Perhaps if some were a bit more careful, they would not smear a name for God used by their own prophets and/or their Lord and Master.



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