Dreams and Deja Vu

In my book,"Islam is the Truth," I discuss the evidence of the spirit of God in man and that our soul is the means in which we understand and interact with the world around us. I wrote that our thoughts and dreams are proof of our soul. But my explanation can be taken a bit further. If we think about it, how many of our dreams are good dreams? In dreams, most people feel anxiety. More negative feelings are induced in our dreams than positive feelings. And even the positive feelings are often a result of something we have done in our dreams which is morally wrong. Most dreams are senseless and bizarre and they are filled with regrettable deeds, done by you or someone else. They are like deleted scenes in a movie. You could have done these things and you can do them in real life. People wake up in a cold sweat or they are relieved that this was only a dream. This is man's opportunity to see and experience the results of his actions without the consequences. The soul in man is what is actually viewing his dreams and learning from them. This is but a gift from God to help man avoid the pitfalls of life.

Another unexplained phenomenon of man is deja vu or the feeling that you have experienced a certain event before. But this definition insinuates that a person is experiencing something in the present which they have already experienced in the past. I do not think this is what people mean when they say they have experienced deja vu. I think what they mean to say is that they have foreknowledge of the event that is happening in the present that they only become aware of when it actually happens. In other words, they knew the future.

If you experience deja vu while you are with two of your friends, you must realize that you knew in your subconscious beforehand that they were going to be the age, the height and the weight that they were before the experience. You knew what haircut they would have and what clothes that they would wear. But the problem is that your mind can only perceive what you have experienced and what you are experiencing right now. You may guess that a certain situation will occur, but how did you subconsciously know something that happened in the future? (this is not to be confused or used to try and predict the future. Deja vu is not under our control) God gives you a glimpse of the future through your spirit. Deja vu is another proof of the soul of man given to him by God, who views the past, present and future, not in sequence, but as one.

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