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2. Spoken Word Downloads by I.D. Campbell:

3. If you are registered to Facebook, locate our page "25 Myths about Islam" for the list of myths and their explanations. There are so many lies and misunderstandings about Islam that Muslims are obligated to clarify them. If all 1.8 Billion Muslims put an effort forth, the outcome will be astounding. I.D.Campbell has had the opportunity over the last year to speak to many university students in their 'Religion and Philosophy' course. Mr. Campbell is continually invited by the professor of this course (a devout Christian) for the expressed purpose of clarifying his students' negative perception of Islam. The professor has his class write what they enjoyed most about his class and below are the words of many of the students that I.D. Campbell spoke to:



“I must say between the speaker that was presented to us as a class and the knowledge I gained from the text book, if I were to convert to a religion it would be Muslim.”

“While many of my theories of Islam were not accurate our speaker I. Campbell really educated me on what was fact vs. fiction... I look forward to reading I. Campbell's books.”

“I really enjoyed learning about Islam and having the guest speaker really sticks out in my mind. I have spoken with people at work since that presentation and I had nothing but positive things to recite.”

“The one subject that I enjoyed the most was the teaching of the Islamic religion. Before this class I did not understand too much about the religion and I wasn't interest. All I could think about was the negatives.  I think about the bombing of the World Trade Center and other things that they had done. When I heard of the Muslims and the Islamic faith I always think of Minister Louis Farrakhan who took the Islamic (faith) to another level and transition it his own way. I didn't know that they were Christian [Muslims believe in Jesus Christ (pbuh)]. Thanks to I. D. Campbell for educating the class. I have now learned that Islam is the monotheistic religion articulated by the Qur’an. I have also learned that Muslims prayed five times for the day, and if possible they would take a bath before praying.” 

“I truly enjoyed the subject of Islam; because I learn some very interesting things and having a live speaker truly enhanced my learning. I was able to ask questions and get responses from someone who actually practiced the faith. I was always curious about this subject and I would never just ask someone on the street. Mr. Campbell was really passionate and honest with his feeling.  I have been to his site several times to read some of his blogs and may even buy one of his books in the future.”

“My thoughts on Muslims were that they believed in a god named Allah and they sold bean pies and incenses on the streets. Since I.D. Campbell came to speak, my eyes are really open to their religion now. He broke it down in a way that I could have a better understanding of the religion. Islam and Christianity have their similarities in faith and had I not taken your class I would still be a lost cause today.”

“I like the similarities that this class showed between Christianity and the Islam belief.  Having our guess (I.D.) Campbell was powerful and I truly believe that we, who were a part of that class, should have a new and open view on how we view people based on our culture and set religious practice."

“Islam is the subject that peaked my interest the most.  It has always been a thought to visit a Muslim mosque.  Making this subject even better, having the speaker “I.D. Campbell” come to the class and open up the minds of some and maybe satisfy the “myths” for others.”

“I enjoyed having a speaker come in and shed some light on the Islamic faith.  I never adopted anything negative about Muslims; I actually thought everyone was on the same page, boy was I wrong.  My perception came from what I heard from other people and the TV/media.  I am very sorry but I don't remember the young man’s name, please forgive me for that.  Once I heard him talk about his faith by way of explaining the difference between Orthodox Islam and the Nation of Islam; Professor it is because of him why I chose to change my topic for my research in mid stream.  He was so passionate about it and I want to learn some more about the things he was talking about like the five pillars, the Prophet Muhammad and the actually role women had within the faith as far as what is expected of them.” 

“One of the subjects that I learned the most is about Islam because I never know this religion well enough; it is one of the oldest and second largest religions. I always saw it on the news that this religion is always troublesome, however, after this class, the more I learned about Islam after the guest speaker, it makes me have another point of view on it. I took notes and learned a lot about Islam and will continue to learn more about this religion.  It is a very traditional religion and everyone seems welcome to join this religion."

“The class had a guest speaker I.D. Campbell, who follows the teaching of Islam. I went into the class and came out knowing that, I had many myths of their religions. The first is that the Qur’an states Jesus Christ miraculous birth and all the miracles that were performed. I believed that not only myself, but other associate the Muslims with violent. Their message is peace is to be found through the community. The Qur'an gives a message of hope, faith and justice for all human being. And that is what all religious wants for their community, not just the Christians.” 

“Islam was very interesting to me.  I enjoyed learning about all the religions but Islam has such a negative label of hatred and terror, I wanted to know the truth about Islam.  I wrote my paper on Islam and I learned it is a religion of peace love and submission to the one true god Allah.  Islam also shocked me because there are so many similarities to the religion in which I believe Christianity.  After hearing I.D. Campbell speak, I learned the difference in Islam and the Nation of Islam…I learned that Islam should not be viewed as a religion of terror and they do not condone killing people in the name of Allah.” 

“The subject I enjoyed most this quarter was the discussion of Islam. I found it interesting when we had our guest speaker, and I learned that Islam has a lot of similarities to my Christian faith. I also found it interesting to learn that the Nation of Islam was not the same thing as the Islam faith, as I thought it was.”

“I really appreciated week 9/Islam, because I was able to familiarize myself with the Islam religion and culture during my tour to Iraq.  I always had a negative view on the Islam religion and thought of them as a threat/terrorist.  This was because of all the things I saw in Iraq and how they mixed the religion with terrorism.  I also had a negative view on the Islam, because of how the Sunnis and Shi’as used to treat each other.  I really think that it was just an experience that made me believe that all Muslims were the same.  What amazed from their religion was their love and dedication to it.  I was able to see them praying five times a day and fasting for long periods of time.  I’m very thankful you cleared a lot of the doubts I had. I also appreciate the fact that I.D. Campbell being a Muslim was able to explain the differences and similarity between Christianity and Islam.”

“The subject in this course that I got the most out of was the section on Islam. In this country this has to be one of the most misunderstood religions of all. Between the acts of Muslim extremist and the misinformation of the Nation of Islam it has always been difficult to get a true understanding of what this religion is truly about. Inviting I.D. Campbell to speak on the truth of Islam was a great touch. He imparted a great deal of insightful information. I think our resident Atheist (the student’s name) was equally impressed.”  

“Islam was the one topic the reveal a great deal of back ground information that I was unaware of. The speaker answered questions about the required prayer time. The journey of Muhammad life was very informative. Yet, the similarities that are shared across the religions allow one to respect all religions.”   

“Muslims to me did not seem all to be terrorists as most people believe. I have learned a lot from the teachings along with the guest speaker. He helped me realize the "actual" and true beliefs of a Muslim.”

“I enjoyed learning about the Islam Religion.  I had concluded that all Muslim people were the same.  I thought they hated Americans and would do anything to make us suffer.  After listening to I.D. Campbell, I had the chance to put a face to the word Muslim.  I think I was strengthened in my own religion after hearing and seeing the deep conviction and faith he had for the Islam Religion.” 

“I found the presentation given by Mr. Campbell fascinating.” 

“I was so pleased to hear (him) speak with such passion and conviction. We were so fortunate to have this young man take time from his family to talk with our class.”

“The guest speaker that explained the various points of Islam stimulated my interest the most. The ability to be able to ask questions and receive information about Islam that was not on the slide or in the textbooks was great.” 

“The one subject that I enjoyed the most was the teachings of Islam. I learned a lot about Islam, and I now know that Muslim people are just like all other religions.  They worship the same god, and believe in some of the same things that I do.  At first when I saw Muslim people I thought that they were crazy especially the ones that were deep into their religion.  Before you had the speaker come to class, and talk about the culture of Islam I did not understand a lot of things about it.  The main thing I did not understand why the women covered themselves up from head to toe.  I just brushed it off as just part of their religion, but now I understand it.”  

“There were actually a few subjects I enjoyed, but to narrow it down to one it would have to be Islam. I always had an interest in Islam so this was something I enjoyed learning about. To have an Islamic representative to come by and speak with the class about his religion and answer any and all questions threw at him help Islam get my winning vote as my favorite subject. Islamic to me have the foundation of serving God down to the T and they go about trying to practice being a good follower of God on a daily basis. I know there are many Islamic followers who stray away like many Christians, but for the majority I came across they were very humble people.”

“I have become more knowledgeable when the Islamic student came into the class room and bravely spoke to us about the Islam religion.  He did not worry whether we would judge him, he wanted us to understand that not all Islamic are extremist.  I have more respect and understand exactly why the Islam religion do what they do.”

“I really enjoyed learning about Islam. The only knowledge I had of this religion was what I saw in the movie Malcolm X prior to this class. Having Mr. Campbell speak to the class was definitely beneficial.  He actually changed my thinking about Muslims. I thought their faith actually supported suicide bombing.  What stuck with me the most was the fact that he touched on the media only displaying the negative of the 911 attack and we didn't see and media interviewing Muslims to protect their faith.”        

“When the speaker explained their dedication to worship, which is five times a day, I thought that if all Christians could adopt some of their  moral attributes, it would definitely make us better Christians with the true love in our hearts for everyone… Another truth that I did not know was that the Nation of Islam is not the same as Muslim faith. Now I see that they are not connected. After listening to Ishmael, it seems that it would be a real burden trying to work your way back to God without the mediator that God sent to redeem mankind back to him. But that is something that their eyes would have to be opened to one day. Nevertheless, what they practice is of the utmost dedication. I could use some of their principles myself, because it could help one to keep their mind on Jesus All day! There are a lot of similarities in our faiths.”

“Learning more about Muslims was one of the more interesting parts of this course, though I enjoyed many parts of this class. Mr. Campbell enlightened me to parts of the Muslim belief system that caused me to write a paper related to it. In turn, I learned even more about my Muslims brothers and found that we are not far removed from them in our own beliefs. Just goes to show you that we all should take more time out to examine the world around us in detail!!”  

“The subject that I found the most interesting during this quarter was the chapter on Islam. The reason that I chose Islam was because of the many negative things that I had heard about it. I never had anyone to talk to about it or listen to anyone talk about it. I knew that some of them are Sunnis and the rest are Shiites. I did not know that their prophet Muhammad was visited by the angel Gabriel, just like Elizabeth and Mary. I really enjoyed when the young man came to class and explained the many different points of their religion in comparison to my own. I was glad to see him take time out from his schedule to do that and he did a great job of explaining the misconceptions people have about the religion.” 


“The one subject that I enjoyed the most during this quarter was the Muslim faith because a lot of questions were answered in class when we had the guest speaker that I never knew and always wanted to know.  I have come across quite a few people who worship the Muslim faith but I did not understand why or who they praised.  I have a better understanding of the faith, found it quite interesting…”

“If there was one subject that I enjoyed the most, I would have to say that it was the time we had the visitor in class. I forgot his name but I had a very awful, discriminatory perception of Muslims.  He was very informative and passionate about his religion. Prior to class, my perception of a Muslim was someone who had a lot of facial hair or one who was covered up. The speaker was very clean cut and neat in his appearance. The only other conversations that I have had with Muslims have always resulted in that person telling me why Christian faith is wrong versus informing me of the Muslim culture and embracing my faith as well. This will have a lasting impression on me.”  


“Anthony even surprised me with all his questions in class, especially during the guest speaker, who by the way was excellent.”

“The most important lesson that stood out to me in class was the lesson about Islam. It’s just something about Islam that draws me to it the culture and the way of life.”

“Even though I do not agree with the beliefs of Islam, learning how the religion originated, the teachings, and what their beliefs are helped me to understand Islam.”

“The most important subject that we discussed this quarter to me was the subject of Islam. It stood out to me the most, because out of all the religions that we studied it caught my attention. Truthfully doing the homework and discussions were mainly for a grade, but once we got to Islam I actually wanted to learn more and do more research. When you brought I.D. Campbell in for him to speak with us and him being open for questions was great too… It put away a lot of my judgments on Muslim people. It cleared up the misconceptions that I had about the religion and the people that practiced it.”

“The topic that impressed me the most during this quarter was the lecture given to us by I.D. Campbell. Mr. Campbell is a very impressive young man and he is true student of his religion. He talked to us about his search for a religion in which he could not disprove and he accepted the fact that he could not disprove Islam. Mr. Campbell told us about how he struggled with deciding which path to follow because he had attended both Muslim and Christian services as a child… Mr. Campbell also brought to life how important the five pillars are in the Islam faith. I read about these pillars in our text and had some understanding, but he enhanced my understanding through his personal experience. I was somewhat surprised by the fact that Muslims refer to individuals who begin to practice their faith as reverts and not converts. Their view is that all humans are born Muslim and are just returning and not converting. ..It was eye opening for me to hear him stress the importance of pray by saying that if you pray five times a day, you are more likely to be trying to draw close to God and thereby have less time to concentrate on doing wrong. In conclusion, I found Mr. Campbell to be a very caring young man who genuinely loves people and loves submitting himself to God. The Professor stressed that we may be surprised at what we hear when listening to Mr. Campbell and he was correct. My personal view of the Islamic faith was that of radicals who believed in violence as a means of controlling others and to persuade them to think as they do. I was gravely wrong in my way of thinking. There are extremist is every religion that will stray from the initial teachings, but if you study the true beginnings of those religions you will often find that the founders intent was vastly different. Furthermore, I explored Mr. Campbell’s website only to find that he has published eight books, not including the “FAQs about Islam” that he generously gave us in class. This impressed me even more because he is the same age as my oldest son. Finally, the thing that I was most impressed by about Mr. Campbell was that he wants his children to find their own way path to God. Sure he would love for them to follow him in the Islamic faith, but he stated that wanted it to be their decision and not his.”

“The thing that stood out to me most this period has to be the speaker I.D. Campbell. Wow, it is unbelievable the change in Islamic view I now have. You said our views would probably change and you were so right. Since then I must have googled information about it at least 10 times and even be-friended a guy in my bowling league that's Muslim to learn even more. There are a lot of extremely good character people in the world, but I must say that yourself and Mr. Campbell are without a doubt at the top of my list. Total inspiration to me. There is no wonder you two are friends. I guarantee this is the topic everyone picks for this assignment.”

“In week nine, we had a gentleman who inspires me when he talked to us. His name was I.D Campbell, he was a Muslim and I thought our stories are so similar… Mr. Campbell is such a great person to talk about all the misconceptions of Islam and how a true believer of the faith should act. Having a sense of respect for differences is so important to this great country that we live.” “The Muslim speaker is the one thing that stood out the most, and his words and wisdom is something I think will forever stick with me through this journey in life. I always knew the people behind 9 11 were Muslims, but never knew people had such a hate for all those of the Muslim faith and even more so after that day. I also had no idea that the Muslim faith was so much like Christianity in so many ways and different in just a few. After the speaker I gained such a different outlook on Muslims and their faith and feel I can understand them so much better now.”

“The most important subject to me during this religion course was the Islam week. This was my favorite week by far; I really enjoyed the guest speaker that we had I.D. Campbell. He presented me with a different side of a religion that most people, including myself, tend to look at negatively. I enjoyed the stories he told on how he came to change his religion to Islam. I enjoyed how he talked about the difference between traditional Islam and groups such as the Nation of Islam. Myself, I always felt that all Muslim were the same as the ones I see on the street trying to hand out newspaper and selling bean pies as they do on many street in the Washington, DC area. His presentation has made me want to research and study the religion of Islam a little deeper. I would like to learn more about the history of these fascinating people. I think if move people were given a different point of view of Islam, we as a nation would look at them differently than we do now.” “I think that the one item that stood out for me was the gentleman you had come in and speak about his faith in Islam. It was interesting to see their beliefs and what they do on a daily basis to pray to their God. If we as Christians would take the time to talk and learn from different people about their faiths, then maybe we would have a better understanding of our own faith in the process.”