Are Men Allowed To Wear Rings In Islam

Are Men Allowed to Wear Rings in Islam? are men allowed to wear rings in islam

The question is – Are men allowed to wear rings in Islam? The answer varies depending on the type of ring you want to wear. You can wear a Silver studded ring, a gold one, or even a silk one. There are some general rules you must follow when it comes to jewelry.

Silver studded rings

Muslim men are permitted to wear silver studded rings, as long as they have the name of Allah engraved on them. The inscriptions may differ, but some common examples include Abd-Allah ibn ‘Umar, Allah Al Malik, Billaah, Bismillah, Al-‘Izzah Lilleh, and Hasbi Allah.

It is permissible for Muslim men to wear silver studded rings, but they should not wear gold or white gold rings. It is also prohibited for Muslim men to wear rings made of wood or brass. However, it is permissible for Muslim women to wear gold or silk.

Men are allowed to wear silver studded rings if they have them on their right hand. The stone in the ring should be facing inwards towards the palm. This is to imitate the Prophet Muhammad. Generally, men can wear silver rings on either hand, but the Shafi’i School encourages men to wear them on their right hand.


The Muslim belief teaches that men are not allowed to wear gold, silver, or chains. Although the Prophet did allow men to wear rings made from silver, this does not make chains made of the same material halal. In addition, wearing adornments made of natural silk is prohibited for men. These are deemed to be imitative of women, and therefore are not permitted.

The wearing of chains with the Name of Allah on them is allowed in Islam if the wearer refrains from disrespecting them. However, this does not include wearing them when going to the bathroom. This is because wearing chains in this way exposes them to impurities. In addition, the Prophet (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam) removed his ring whenever he went to the bathroom.


In Islam, men are allowed to wear rings as long as the metal used in the ring is not more than Mithqaal (4,87 g). Rings are allowed on the right hand but not on the left. They are not allowed on the middle finger. The ring cannot protect the wearer from harm.

The weight of the metal used in the ring is not more than one mithqaal (about 4.68 grams). The ring cannot have more than one stone. It may also be made of silver, but not of gold. Men are not allowed to wear gold rings. However, many couples buy rings for each other to wear during their engagement and marriage. They believe that wearing the ring will create a strong bond between them, and that losing the ring will affect their relationship.

Rings with the name of Allah are not allowed on a Muslim man. This is because wearing them is considered disrespectful. It is also wrong to wear them in the bathroom. If you have to use the restroom, it is better to remove your jewelry before entering the bathroom.


Silk rings are not permitted for men in Islam, but are allowed for women. Prophet Muhammad is said to have worn a silver ring and his companions (Abu Bakr, ‘Umar, and ‘Rahman) also wore silver rings. The Prophet also advised men to give women iron rings, according to Al-Bukhari.

Islamic law prohibits men from wearing gold or silk rings, as they are symbols of luxury. This prohibition is based on the Prophetic Sayings. It is also based on economic considerations. Men should not surround themselves with signs of weakness or luxury, because luxury usually goes hand-in-hand with social injustice. Rather, men should be strong, determined, and courageous. Using silk and gold to wear jewelry, or even silk clothes, is a sign of luxury, which is forbidden in Islam.

Despite the prohibition against wearing gold and silk rings, men can wear gold-colored adornments without the real thing. Moreover, men can wear platinum, which is called white gold, as long as it is not made from real gold.

Name of Allah

In Islam, men are allowed to wear rings that bear the Name of Allah. This tradition is rooted in the Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet used his ring to engrave the name of Allah on it. The name of Allah was engraved on it, as it was unique to him.

There are two main opinions on whether men are allowed to wear rings in Islam. One opinion is that rings can be worn by men, but they should be worn on the left hand. The reason is that the left hand is easier to seal with, which is one of the main uses of a ring. The second opinion holds that men can wear rings on their right hand. Both views have their merits, and both are acceptable.

The Prophet Muhammad, however, prohibited men from wearing rings on their middle fingers and index fingers. However, he allowed men to wear rings on the little finger of the left hand. This position keeps the ring away from filths and does not hinder the movement of the hand. Women, however, are allowed to wear rings on all fingers and toes.

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