Does The Nation Of Islam Believe In Jesus Christ

Does the Nation of Islam Believe in Jesus Christ?

The Nation of Islam is a black nationalist organization headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. The movement gained popularity during the mid-to-late twentieth century, when Malcolm X was a prominent proponent of black nationalism. What’s more, the group believes in a god called Allah.


The Nation of Islam is a dangerous cult that promotes race-based segregation. Its leader, Louis Farrakhan, claims that the Jewish people control the United States. However, the Bible teaches that all human life is valuable. While the Nation of Islam claims to follow the laws of God, they do not, in fact, live up to the false gods of pagan nations.

Muslims believe in the oneness of God. The Absolute Oneness of God is the one and only God, who has no partners in His Divinity. In the Muslim faith, Jesus has a special role.


In a recent article, I asked: “Does the Nation of Islam believe in Jesus Christ?” and I was surprised to find that the answer was “no”. While the Nation of Islam doesn’t deny the existence of God, their founder taught crude polytheism and led its followers to worship man. They also deny the deity of Jesus and the miracles he performed. Moreover, they deny Jesus’ resurrection and promised return.

Moreover, the Nation of Islam promotes racial segregation. It says that the Jews invented white people through eugenics, and it also believes that Jews control America. All of these beliefs are not consistent with the Christian faith. The Nation of Islam, therefore, has an atypical belief system.


The Nation of Islam is a fast-growing American cult with a peculiar belief system. Its leader, Louis Farrakhan, claims to follow the teachings of the Prophet Elijah Muhammad. His movement distributes books and tapes that purport to show these teachings. Its influence is not limited to African-Americans, though: it also has a much wider reach into the Christian churches. Although the Nation of Islam’s theology focuses on two fundamental questions, it still denies many of the essentials of the historic Christian faith.

In addition, members of the Nation of Islam believe that blacks are gods and whites are demons. According to their beliefs, Jesus was killed on the cross and is now dead. They also claim that another Jesus is coming. However, their leaders identify this Jesus with Elijah Muhammad, Louis Farrakhan, and other NOI leaders.


Critics of the Nation of Islam’s belief in Jesus Christ argue that the religion denies a divine, eternal being. They claim that its founder taught crude polytheism and led his followers to worship man. They also claim to deny the miracles of Jesus and his resurrection. The Nation of Islam’s founder also taught his followers to deny his divine origin, sacrificial death, resurrection, and the second coming.

Critics of the Islamic faith contend that the Qur’an does not reflect the true teachings of Christianity. They believe that Christian Scripture is inconclusive and contradicts the Qur’an on at least three fundamental issues: the holy Trinity, the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, and the doctrine of saving grace. In addition, Muslims claim to believe in the divinity of only one God, but the Christian Bible shows that God’s grace is freely provided to all who believe in Christ.

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