How Many Virgins Do You Get In Heaven Islam

How Many Virgins Do You Get in Heaven?how many virgins do you get in heaven islam

Many non-Muslims have misinterpreted the Qur’an to claim that the Qur’an talks about the reward of killing people, including 70 virgins in paradise. But this is an unfair comparison of the earthly world with the bliss of heaven. The Qur’an describes many aspects of Paradise, and the number of virgins mentioned is not 70.

72 virgins in Paradise

Some Muslims believe that the Quran promises the 72 virgins in paradise. But the fact is, this number does not appear in the Quran. This popular belief is based on the misleading translation of a verse. The verse in question, verse 33, is problematic in two different translations.

Some Muslim apologists, however, deny the existence of the 72 virgins in paradise. They say that the promised virgins are actually 72 raisins. Similarly, the apologist claims that the Houris will be large breasted, beautiful eyes and will love their husbands.


This popular notion of how many virgins you get in heaven is often misrepresented by non-Muslims. The Qur’an does not specifically mention the number of virgins, but does describe a paradise where only pure male and female companions will be found. The Qur’an also makes reference to the physical attributes of women in paradise, including large, firm, round breasts and beautiful eyes.

One theory proposes that the Muslim martyrs will be reunited with 72 virgins in paradise. The concept of 72 virgins is more popular among Israelis. Palestinian “terrorists” have made jokes about the 72 virgins in paradise, and the concept has been used by suicide bombers.


The concept of 72 virgins in heaven is a common anti-Muslim propaganda tool. Although the Quran does not mention this specific number, it mentions the great reward for those who die in the way of Allah. In this regard, the idea that 72 virgins will be waiting in paradise is unwarranted. While the Quran mentions the presence of pure male and female companions in paradise, the term 72 virgins appears only in hadiths and commentary.

Many Muslim scholars dispute the number of virgins a man will receive in heaven. While some believe that the Quran mentions a total of 72 virgins, others believe that the number is based on the number of hours that each man is guaranteed to receive. For example, the word ‘houri’ is commonly translated as “virgins” by many Muslim scholars. However, this interpretation is unwarranted by context.

‘the black-eyed’

The question of how many virgins in heaven has long plagued Islam, but there’s some good news: a growing body of Koran scholarship points toward a much less sensual paradise. By applying tools used in studying the Bible, scholars are uncovering the details of the Koran and examining their ramifications for Muslim life.

The Quran mentions the Houris (virgins) of Paradise, who will marry men in Heaven. Some scholars believe that each man will be blessed with two Houris. However, this interpretation is questionable because it contradicts other Hadiths.


If you’ve ever watched a CBS 60 Minutes show, you’ve probably heard about the concept of “virgins in heaven.” According to this theory, the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) promised Muslims 72 virgins in heaven in return for committing a martyr’s act. The alleged 72 virgins in heaven are a lure to attract despo men, who are desperate to win the attention of a beautiful woman. However, this concept is not entirely based on Islamic beliefs.

While the Quran doesn’t mention a specific number of virgins, it does mention that men will be married to houris in paradise. The Quran does mention the importance of virginity, and the importance of keeping virginity. Many Islamic writings and hadiths highlight the importance of being virgins.

Other wives

In the afterlife, men get a minimum of two wives. However, scholars believe this number can be much greater. It is not known exactly how many wives each man will get, or how many concubines he will have. However, the number of wives a man gets in the afterlife depends on the status of the women he chooses.

There is no specific limit to how many wives a Muslim will have in the afterlife. It all depends on the level of his piety and righteous deeds. In general, a man will get at least two wives in heaven, but the number of wives that each man receives will depend on his status.

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