How To Control Wife In Islam

How to Control Wife in Islam

One of the biggest problems in Muslim marriages is how to control wife behavior. In Islam, men should not allow their wives to make their own decisions and should control their behavior. According to Islamic jurisprudence, a wife must obey her husband. This is done through dowry. This is a form of marriage contract that gives the man the right to control and regulate his wife’s behavior.

Respect your husband

Islam does not condone the treatment of women as subservient. Wives should be respected and their husbands should be respectful of their wives. This applies even if a wife is misbehaving and disrespecting her husband. A good marriage should also involve a healthy balance of respect, kindness, and sacrifice. It should also follow the golden rule.

A disrespectful wife will not only treat her husband disrespectfully, but also her family members and friends. She will not even get out of bed to wish you a good morning or say goodnight. She is also incredibly stubborn.

Be kind

In Islam, you have the right to control your wife, and she has the right to obey you. The same goes for keeping her out of the company of indecent people. Allah allows you to beat her when she violates her rights, including abstinence. She also has a right to clothing and food, as a domestic animal should.

Communicate expectations with your spouse

One of the best ways to control your wife in Islam is to communicate with her about what you expect from her. Managing expectations will give you both more patience and help you see the bigger picture. For example, if your wife makes a mistake, you should explain what happened and why the action was detrimental. By doing this, you will both maintain mutual respect and prevent mistakes from happening again.

Muslim attitudes towards wives and husbands vary across countries. A study conducted in Norway and Indonesia analyzed Muslim literature, web pages, and qualitative interviews. The authors examined a sample of 28 Indonesian Muslim books to gain a variety of views on the issue. An equivalent Norwegian sample of four books and three websites was also used.

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