How To Have A Successful Marriage In Islam

How to Have a Successful Marriage in Islamhow to have a successful marriage in islam

There are certain Islamic marriage practices that Muslim couples should follow to ensure a successful union. These include the importance of maintaining the Islamic faith, respecting your partner, and keeping the Qur’an at the centre of your marriage. These principles will help you have a long-lasting relationship, even after you are no longer living in the same country.


The key to a successful marriage in Islam is to treat both partners with respect. A marriage is a partnership between husband and wife, and the partners should give equal effort into the relationship. Both partners should listen to each other and make decisions together. This principle of respect is crucial for a happy marriage, and it can be fostered and developed over time.

Islam requires both partners to respect each other’s differences. This means that one partner should not try to dominate the other or to make the other person feel inferior. For example, a husband should respect his wife’s needs before his own. If he is able to do so, the other spouse will do the same.


To have a successful marriage in Islam, both spouses must do their share to stay clean and presentable. Husbands and wives should take the time to groom each other, as the Prophet (S) recommended. The first few years of marriage are crucial periods for both the couple and the in-laws. It is essential for husbands, wives, and their in-laws to follow the Islamic rules for social relations. This includes refraining from sarcasm, backbiting, and offensive nicknames.

To build a solid foundation for your relationship, make sure you study Islam together. This includes reading the Qur’an together and engaging in activities that are in line with the Sunnah. In addition, remember to practice your ibadah, which are actions that promote Islam.

Keeping the Qur’an at the center of your marriage

In Islam, the primary goal of marriage is to purify the soul and gain nearness to Allah. This is accomplished through the marriage and the choice of a suitable partner. Sexual relationships between married believers are also a major part of a successful marriage. They strengthen a sense of mutual love and kindness and help prevent perversion. For this reason, the Imams have placed great emphasis on marriage in their teachings.

The Qur’an addresses numerous situations that may present difficulties for marriages. For example, the tension between equality in spiritual matters and hierarchy in worldly matters is often the focus of Qur’anic debates. This tension is not unique to Islam; it exists in other religious texts as well.

Avoiding sarcasm

Sarcasm can be a destructive force in relationships. Sarcasm is a form of disrespect and can devastate intimacy. It should be avoided in marriage. Satire can be easily spotted. It’s easy to tell a sarcastic person from a distance because of their disparaging remarks and derisive jokes. Sarcasm doesn’t have any benefits and can destroy a marriage.

Sarcasm is the least sincere and least authentic form of communication. While it’s used to lighten a mood or bond, it can be misinterpreted as a malicious and untruthful form of communication.

Avoiding backbiting

Backbiting is one of the most common practices in the modern world. It stems from lack of faith and lack of Allah-consciousness. According to scholars, there are six main types of backbiting. The first type is characterized by defining someone and the second type is characterized by degrading someone.

Backbiting is not permitted in the Islamic religion. This action spreads hatred and causes disturbance. It also destroys good relationships. The goal of husband and wife is to protect each other from flaws, not to gossip about one another.

Avoiding offensive nicknames

One of the most important aspects of marriage in Islam is that both spouses avoid calling each other offensive nicknames. Islam prohibits using any form of insulting language towards each other, including calling your spouse a “b******,” “sheep”, or “cow.” These terms are offensive and should never be used in any way.

The Prophet Muhammad pbuh was also a strong advocate of not using nicknames. He believed that the first impression a person receives from other people is often their name. By using an inappropriate nickname, people may misjudge a person’s character or behavior.

Keeping chastity while away from your spouse

It is important to maintain chastity while away from your partner, even when you are away for work or school. The following are some examples of chastity in a non-religious setting. It is also necessary to avoid the use of alcohol and drugs. It is also important to avoid media which promotes premarital sex.

Chastity before marriage is required in Islam. It has many benefits, including a decrease in the risk of STDs and unwanted pregnancies, and increased marital satisfaction and stability. It is important to remember that despite our desire for love and affection, a sexual act before marriage has a negative effect on the relationship.

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