How To Kiss Your Wife In Islam

How to Kiss Your Wife in Islam

Performing a French kiss with a woman

Muslims are taught to avoid physical intimacy between the opposite sex. This includes touching the other’s private parts. However, Muslims are not explicitly prohibited from kissing the other sex. They are instructed to lower their gaze while touching the other’s face or lips. Performing a French kiss with a Muslim woman is permissible provided the kissing is done between husband and wife and does not cause fitnah (evil).

The Prophet Muhammad was a very romantic and affectionate man. He often kissed his wives. Some women argue that a French kiss is inappropriate, while others argue that it is not. However, there is a shar’i answer to this question. Some scholars say it is only forbidden if it is performed without reason.

A man may kiss a woman only when he is engaged or married. However, a man should not repeatedly visit a girl he’s engaged with. If he’s engaged, he should marry the woman. This way, he will be protected from any acts of lust and fornication. And as long as the man has a marriage contract, he can kiss his wife on her lips.

When kissing, it’s important to keep your mouth open and pucker a bit. Make sure that your lips are slightly parted enough for the tongue to slide between them. Afterwards, gently brush over her lips, using light pressure to build anticipation and signal the desire for more.

Avoiding haram kisses with a woman

In Islam, it is forbidden to kiss a woman before marriage. This is called haram, which means “unlawful.” According to Islam, the best way to kiss a woman is in marriage. If you’re thinking about dating a Muslim woman, you should first make sure that it isn’t haram in her culture.

In Islam, exaggerated kisses are considered haraam. The shar’i scholars have warned girls against exaggerated kisses and have asked them to stop. But the girls argue that there is no evidence that these actions are haraam. If they were presented with shar’i evidence, they would stop.

In the west, we don’t get any compulsory Islamic education. As a result, young Muslims often get too close to each other before marriage, without knowing the consequences. In the Muslim world, these actions are considered haram, but western Muslims often ignore this rule.

Kissing a woman is haraam in Islam, and should never be performed when you’re alone. Kissing a woman for pleasure is also haraam, and you should never kiss her lips unless you’re sure that it won’t cause her to experience sexual desire.

When it comes to physical intimacy, Islam is all about balance. While you should be affectionate with your family, you shouldn’t be passionate or physical with her. Moreover, you should avoid kissing a woman in public if you’re not married.

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