How To Make Your Husband Happy In Islam

How to Make Your Husband Happy in Islam how to make your husband happy in islam

If you want to have a happy marriage, you must make your husband happy and content. This means that you must honor him, respect him and show your gratitude for his work. You must also protect yourself from forbidden relations. The secrets of a happy marriage are simple, but they are very powerful.

Respect your husband

One of the best ways to make your husband happy is to show him respect. Whether it is by showing him respect in public or showing him your respect at home, it will give him the motivation to work harder and achieve more. As a wife, you can show your respect by being attentive to his needs. For example, if he knocks at your door, smile and say hello! This gesture will refresh his spirit and make him feel special.

Throughout the day, your husband comes into contact with many people, some of whom will be impolite or insulting. While he expects respect, he may not be able to give it as readily as he would like. However, your husband still expects encouragement and support from you.

Honor him

In Islam, honoring your husband is an important part of being a good wife. It means never belittling his authority and providing him with the energy he needs to strive for a better life. This means greeting him with reverence, not interrupting his conversation, and never shouting or screaming at him. If you need to go to a meeting, you should let your husband enter the room first, rather than rushing in and shoving a door open for you.

In Islam, wives should cooperate with their husbands by helping them with the housework, helping with the children, and supporting their husbands in their activities. They should also learn about Islamic rules and manners, as well as Islamic child rearing, in order to make their husbands happy.

Show appreciation for his work

There are many ways to show appreciation for your husband’s work. You should thank him for all the work he does for you, even if it’s just to bring you food or clean your house. Men should feel appreciated, and wives should never take their husband’s work for granted. If wives start to neglect their husband’s duties, their husbands will become disinterested in the welfare of their family and may even choose to spend their money elsewhere.

Protect yourself from forbidden relations

In order to protect yourself from forbidden relations and keep your husband happy in Islam, you must remember that your husband is the head of the family. His role is to be your guide, supporter and consultant. Therefore, you should avoid doing anything that will make him angry. If you have done something wrong, you must apologize and wait until he calms down. Also, you must keep your body clean and in good shape. Avoid wearing clothes that are dirty or rough, or using any ornaments that are forbidden. In addition, you should wear clothes in colors and perfumes that your husband likes.

You must also show good hospitality to guests and make your husband visit his family members. Also, you should avoid creating unfounded doubts and jealousy. Besides, you must maintain your patience even if you face hardships.

Obey him with a willing heart

In Islam, wives must obey their husbands with a willing heart. This is because their husband is responsible for the household and all those under his charge. Moreover, the husband has greater experience and is said to be more understanding and insightful. So, the wife must obey him and respond to his opinions.

One of the best ways to make your husband happy in Islam is to recite the Durood e Shareef. It is a prayer that must be performed daily for at least 7 days. By reciting this prayer, you can make your husband happy and attracted to you.

Show appreciation for his contributions to the family

The Prophet’s response to this question is quite intelligent and shows his affection and devotion to his wife and family. He also compliments his wife and family, and this is something wives appreciate. You should show your husband how much you appreciate his contribution to the family by making him feel special.

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