How To Punish Your Wife In Islam

How to Punish Your Wife in Islamhow to punish your wife in islam

In Islam, you can punish your wife with several methods. You can use a sledgehammer, a bundle of grass or a twig. However, you must be careful not to break any bones. Be gentle and don’t beat your wife too hard. The Prophet Muhammad’s advice on beating your wife is to use a light stick.

Using a bundle of grass

Using a bundle of grass to punish a wife in Islam is one of the many ways to discipline a wife in Islam. The Quran states in 38:44 that Prophet Job (Ayyub) was commanded by Allah to beat his wife with a bundle of grass, twigs, and rushes. The story behind this verse is explained in classical tafsirs, or explanations of Quranic verses.

Ayyub was angry with his wife for something she did. He made an oath to strike her with 100 blows if Allah would heal him. However, after he was healed, Allah gave him a way out. The punishment was a bundle of 100 stems of thin grass.

Using twigs

While there is no explicit prohibition of beating your wife, some Muslims do allow some form of corporal punishment. Using twigs is one such example. However, this method of punishment should only be used if a woman is committing adultery. Although the act of beating a woman is not deemed a sin by Islam, it may cause emotional distress. If you choose to punish your wife with twigs, you must make sure that you do it in a way that she will not be hurt by the process.

Islam allows a man to hit his wife with twigs only when she is disobedient to his orders. However, the punishment must be light and should be done infrequently and only in extreme cases. It is also not allowed to strike your wife in her face as this is forbidden in Islam.

Using rushes

Using rushes to punish your wife is prohibited in Islam. This punishment is not recognized by the holy prophet. According to the Quran, dharb (punishment) requires an authorized judge to determine the crime committed. A man cannot punish his wife without a judge’s approval.

Using a sledgehammer

Islamic law prohibits hitting your wife with a sledgehammer or a hammer. The punishment is forbidden even if the punishment is light. In the Sunan of Ibn Majah, we find that the words ‘hit’ and’sleeve’ mean the same thing. Moreover, the meaning of’sledgehammer’ is ‘a light tap without severeness.’ However, the Quran’s context requires a more severe punishment to bring obedience to Islam.

In a recent case, a Moroccan woman described how her husband had beaten her and bruised her for not obeying him. She had complained to the Imams in her mosque but the Imams did nothing to help her. The husband continued to beat her until she was so severely bruised that she went to the police. The husband eventually became a fugitive and was arrested. When she told the Imams of her swollen body, the Imams in the mosque were shocked.

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