Is Kissing Before Marriage Haram In Islam

Is Kissing Before Marriage Haram in Islam?

While many cultures have different rules about marriage, Islamic laws are not the same. A common example is that a man is not allowed to kiss a woman before marriage. In contrast, many other societies allow kissing before marriage. However, the rule that prevents couples from kissing before marriage is a bit more unique.

Pre-marital sex

Many people wonder if kissing before marriage is haram in Islam. While this is not strictly prohibited, it is considered taboo in many Muslim communities. However, many Muslims date and engage in other types of intimate behavior prior to marriage. While some Muslims find this to be offensive, others view it as normal.

It is not wrong to kiss your future spouse as a sign of affection, especially during foreplay. In fact, Prophet Muhammad is said to have kissed his wives before leaving for prayer. However, this practice is considered haram by Sunni Muslims. Even so, the practice is common on university campuses. According to Omar Farooq Khan, president of the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society at Bradford University, more Muslim students are engaging in this practice.

Holding hands

Islamic law prohibits kissing in any form between two people who are not yet married. A Muslim man who kisses his future wife before their marriage must immediately repent. In the modern age, holding hands is more acceptable, but it must not stir up sexual feelings. Islam does not allow any acts of indecency or immorality that may cause the other person to feel sexually stimulated.

In addition, some ahadith state that the marriage ceremony should be held on days when the moon is in the constellation of Scorpio, or al-qamar fil aqrab (the third Wednesday of the lunar month). Furthermore, certain days in a month are considered ill-omens, or nahas, and are prohibited in Islam.


The Islamic faith does not encourage homosexual relationships. In fact, it has even declared homosexual relationships to be haram. As a result, touching or kissing a woman before marriage is haram. Although it does not constitute “real adultery,” Islam considers this practice to be metaphorical adultery, which sets a context for real adultery.

Although the Quran forbids kissing before marriage, it does not prohibit pecking on the cheek. Islam also prohibits marriage to a milk-mother. During the engagement period, however, it is permissible to kiss and touch the partner, as long as the kiss does not involve the sexual organs. While the Quran does not mention kissing lips, it does mention other forms of sexual acts, including touching the breast or the forehead.


Islam prohibits a man from hugging a woman before marriage. Moreover, it forbids a man from touching or kissing a woman who is not his mahram. However, a man can hug an older woman as long as the woman is of the right age, because such a woman is immune to sexual attraction.

Muslim communities prohibit many things, some more than others. Breaking the rules of Islam can have very serious repercussions. For example, if a man tries to kiss or hug a woman before marriage, he will face a severe punishment. Besides, even the mere idea of sex with a non-mahram before marriage is considered haram.

Hugging a non-mahram muslim before marriage

According to Islamic law, it is not permissible to touch a non-mahram woman before marriage. But embracing her is even more prohibited. Even hugging her in front of children is forbidden. The Islamic ruler can punish a man who violates this rule.

According to the majority of Islamic scholars, touching a non-mahram – whether with one’s tongue or hand, or by looking into their eyes or private parts – before marriage is forbidden. It is also prohibited to kiss or hold hands with a non-mahram before marriage.

Shaykh declares it haram

According to the Islamic religion, it is haraam to kiss a non-mahram before marriage. It is a sin that must be repented for. In addition, it is haraam to perform any sexual act before marriage. This includes kissing, touching, or even looking at a woman.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, the marriage of a man and woman is a halal act. If two people fall in love before marriage, they may kiss. In fact, a husband should kiss his wife if he has a lust for her. A marriage is necessary to protect the couple from haram acts. Furthermore, Islam does not impose capital punishment on kissing before marriage. Capital punishment is only applied in cases of adultery and fornication.

Shi’ah ruling

The Shi’ah ruling on kissing before wedding relates to a man’s sexual activity with his wife before marriage. Although the Prophet Muhammad was known for being very affectionate and gentle, he also had his fair share of passion. He praised his wife and would kiss her often, even when he was away from home for work or prayer.

While kissing is not sinful in and of itself, it can be a temptation. It is therefore advisable to seek guidance from the Quran before initiating any sexual relations before marriage. However, there are certain situations in which it is not recommended. The following is an example of a couple who engaged in sexual relations before marriage.

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