What Are Major Sins In Islam

What Are Major Sins in Islam?what are major sins in islam

Islam categorizes sins according to the severity of their consequences. Major sins are those that have been specifically warned about in the Quran, such as worshipping idols, something other than Allah, and alcohol. Major sins have severe consequences, while minor sins are personal acts committed without extreme wrath or anger expressed by Allah.

Riba an-nasiah

The Quran prohibits Riba in several verses. It also warns against its practice, saying, “Allah will make war against those who practice Riba.” Therefore, Riba is one of the most significant sins in Islam.

Riba an-Nasiah is the consumption of animal products. Buying and selling animal products is prohibited in Islam. This includes meat from sheep and animals. It also includes all forms of fish. In the past, meat and grains were considered the basics of food.

The Muslim must guide himself by investing in noble ways, avoiding usury, and closing all paths of enmity and dislike. A person who indulges in riba is committing one of the seven major sins of Islam.


Islam has a strict stance against polytheism. According to the Qur’an, polytheism is a sin. This practice involves the worship of several gods, each of which is different in their power and influence over human lives. Moreover, a polytheistic pantheon does not see god as an all-powerful creator, but rather as part of the cosmos.

Islam has made many declarations regarding polytheism, but the most important of them is that polytheism is a grave sin. As a result, a polytheist will spend eternity in Hell. In addition, a polytheist will never be able to benefit from any acts of recompense after death. This means that polytheists will have no hope of salvation, no matter how close they are to a Prophet or Saint.

Slandering chaste women

Slandering a chaste woman is considered a sin in Islam. It involves making false accusations about the woman, and this type of crime is punishable by up to 80 lashes. Those who commit this crime are considered to be wicked transgressors and are cursed in this world as well as the Hereafter.

The Quran and the Sunnah clearly forbid slandering chaste women. However, the punishment is not imposed until the person can provide proof. This is because it is a way to protect the essential values of honor and family. It also protects the chaste from being worn down by gossip.

It is also an offense to insult the Prophet and his companions. The Prophet Muhammad warned his Ummah to stay away from seven destructive sins, beginning with associating partners with Allah.

Ascribing partners with Allah

Shirk, ascribing partners to Allah, is one of the greatest sins in Islam. It is a violation of the concept of monotheism – the belief that Allah alone is the Creator only. According to the Noble Qur’an, it is not permissible to set up partners with Allah. In addition, it is forbidden to consume orphans’ wealth, which is the property of the One True God.

Shirk is also a form of infidelity. The main reason for shirk is the attempt to associate lesser beings with Allah. As a result, the soul becomes diverted from Allah, resulting in restlessness, depression, and subsequent sins. The challenge for a Muslim in a material world is controlling the nafs and avoiding shirk.


According to Islam, witchcraft is the practice of using magic to manipulate others. Witchcraft is a major sin, and those who practice it must pay the price. It is also considered a mortal sin. The Quran mentions both witchcraft and the evil eye, which is the origin of the English word “genie.” A recent survey found that half or more Muslims believed in jinn and evil eye, but that belief is much less common than that of sorcery.

The punishment for practicing witchcraft is death. A practitioner of this sin must be killed, and is not allowed to repent. Some of the worst forms of this crime include making people sick and killing them. In other cases, the practitioner may use the act to bring about reconciliation between enemies, or to achieve a particular goal. Others use witchcraft to make a person like them, or to have their way with a woman.

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