What To Look For In A Wife Islam

What to Look For in a Wife in Islamwhat to look for in a wife islam

If you want to have a good wife in Islam, there are a number of things you should look for in her. These qualities include chastity, a healthy mind, good spiritual life, and financial responsibility. If you are in doubt about a woman’s worth, ask other people in your family for recommendations. Also, you should ask Allah for guidance to find the right wife for you.

Keeping chastity

Chastity is an important part of Islam. It is a personal value as well as a social one. The Islamic faith prohibits sexual license and encourages marriage that is chaste. It also frowns upon pruritic art and social patterns that promote sexual desire. Personal freedoms should never be understood as a license to violate God’s injunctions and trespass on His bounds.

It is also important to remember that male desire is strong and must be satisfied within the legal framework of marriage. The Quran 3:105 verse emphasizes that the right intention and purpose of marriage opens doors and keeps doors open. If a woman cannot fulfill the rights of a potential husband, she must delay marriage. Fasting is another way to ensure chastity and earn rewards that make marriage more likely.

Chastity is important for the sake of Allah. It helps a man achieve self-control and leads the limbs to obey Allah. In addition, chastity helps maintain moral character. Without it, a person becomes an animal. This animalistic behavior eventually leads to the loss of religion, wealth, and family. Consequently, chastity is important for the preservation of society.

Having a healthy mind

Islam emphasizes the importance of having a healthy mind in a wife. A healthy mind can cope with the ups and downs of marriage. It helps a husband and wife stay focused on spreading Islam and helping others in need. However, following the path of Islam may not be easy. It requires a lot of patience.

Having a good spiritual life

A wife with a good spiritual life is an asset to any marriage. This type of woman strives to increase her faith and connection with her Lord. She does not shy away from obligatory duties, but is also eager to perform supererogatory acts. She values pleasing Allah more than anything else. This is why the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “Select a wife who has a good spiritual life.”

A wife who teaches her children about Islam is a good wife. She does her best to make sure that they grow up with Islamic principles and morals. It is also vital to pay attention to a woman’s family background, and avoid women of low character. Even if they are beautiful, they should be regarded with caution.

Financial responsibility

In Islam, the wife does not have any financial responsibility towards her husband or family. Although she can contribute financially, she is not required to do so. However, she can help to ease her husband’s burdens or cover up his faults. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) supported his wife Khadijah (R.A) financially and fulfilled the needs of his family.

Despite this, Islam does provide a footing for women to have their own financial resources. In fact, women are even encouraged to participate in the production of the household’s income. This enables women to fulfill their genetic duties in a way that preserves their attractiveness and place in the heart of their husband.

However, a woman must remain available for her husband and must not rebel. She should not leave the house without her husband’s permission. Moreover, she is not allowed to live with a brother-in-law.

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