Who Are Prophets In Islam

Who Are Prophets in Islam?

The Islamic religion considers prophets to be men who spread the message of God to humanity and serve as examples of ideal human behaviour. Some prophets are messengers who transmit divine revelations, while others are contacted by angels. But most prophets are considered to be human beings with special talents and abilities.


Among the prophets of Islam, Ismail is one of the most enduring figures. He was a great example of faith and morality. He refused to renounce his faith in the Lord, and he remained true to Allah despite the many trials he faced. One of his most memorable events involves a dream in which he received an order from Allah that required him to sacrifice his son. He obeyed Allah’s command, but it was still a test of faith. He asked his son, Ismail, to go to Mount Arafat to perform the sacrifice with him.

Ismail is one of God’s most important prophets. He was the son of Prophet Ibrahim, and his lineage includes Muhammad. The Quran describes him as a superior being, and he acted according to the instructions of Allah. Moreover, he practiced his religion, and he made his relatives practice it as well. As a result, he was able to impart the message of religion to the nation. He lived for 103 years, had twelve sons, and is buried in the Masjid Al-Haram in Makkah.


There are three patriarchs in the Abrahamic religions: Abraham, Isaac, and Ishaq. Isaac was the son of Abraham and father of Jacob and grandfather of the twelve tribes of Israel. All three prophets are highly revered and respected by Muslims. Isaac is also known as the “Father of Faith.”

Ishaq was a Prophet who was chosen by God and was a generous person. He was married to a woman named Rebecca when he was forty years old. As he grew older, his eyesight became weak and he died at the age of 180.

Prophet Ishaq was blind after losing his eyesight. He lived in Hebron with his son Jacob and died at the age of 180. He was mentioned fifteen times in the holy Quran.


Yaqub is a prophet of Islam. He was the grandson of the Prophet Ibrahim and the son of Prophet Ishaq. The Prophet Ibrahim had prophesied that Yaqub would fulfill his role and keep the light of Ibrahim’s home burning and spread the message of Allah to mankind.

Although he was deeply sorrowed, Yaqub (as) still managed to pray to God for the return of his sons. The Prophet also referred to God as the All-Knowing, which is a characteristic of God. This episode shows how the Prophet Yaqub relates to people.

Yaqub had 12 sons. His first wife was Layya and his second wife was Rahil. Their sons were known as the Banu Israel after Prophet Yaqub. His youngest wife, Raheel, gave him two sons. The Prophet also had a son from Rachel named Yusuf, but his offspring separated him from him.


One of the most interesting stories of the Quran is about the Prophet Yusuf (a.s.). The story is told to emphasize the prerequisites for success. This story also demonstrates the faults and weaknesses of man. Despite all of these, the Prophet exhibited many noble qualities.

He went out of the city with his brothers and played in the countryside. One day he was in Kanan and was picking flowers. When he reached the well, his brothers changed their behavior toward him and began to abuse him. The brothers became jealous and hateful of Yusuf. This made Yusuf feel worried about them and begged them to fear Allah and not do anything to him.

The Prophet Yusuf AS was one of Allah’s most important messengers. He is also considered the most pious of all Prophets. Although he was a young boy, his father was very pleased with him. His brothers, however, were jealous of him and wanted him to receive their father’s undivided devotion.


The prophet Al-Yasa (a) was the cousin of Prophet Ilyas and the spiritual successor of him. He is mentioned twice in the Qur’an. His teachings were based on the idea of monotheism and the oneness of ALLAH.

During the time of Prophet Ilyas, Al-Yasa visited a community in dire need of water. Upon his arrival, he prayed to Allah and the community received relief from the drought. As a result, Allah granted Elisha’s Du’a.

Al-Yasa is also known by many names, such as Elias. Elias is also a prophet in Islam, but it is not clear if he was the same person as Elias in the Old Testament. However, there is some disagreement about whether he is the same prophet as Prophet Muhammad, despite being mentioned in the Quran.

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