What Is The Name Of The God In Islam

What is the Name of the God in Islam? what is the name of the god in islam

If you’ve been wondering what is the name of God in Islam, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll explore some of the names of Allah, how they’re related to each other, and the meanings behind each name. By the end of this article, you’ll have a better understanding of the God of Islam.


The name Allah in Islam is used to refer to the One True God who is the Creator of the universe. He is alive and eternal and owns and knows everything in the universe. He is the creator, sustainer, healer, guide, and forgiver of mankind. There are 99 different names for Allah used by Muslims to describe Him.

There are some basic differences between Allah and Jesus in Arabic. In Arabic, Allah is written without the diacritic alif, which is used to indicate the pronunciation of the word. In Islamic Arabic, this word means “God” but is pronounced “al-hool” in the traditional way.

99 names of Allah

According to the Muslim faith, God has 99 names. Some of these names are found only in the Quran while others appear in both the Quran and hadith. Muslims have been using these names to describe God ever since the beginning of time. To find out more about the names of God, we need to look at the sources from which they were derived.

The 99 names of Allah in Islam are used to describe Allah’s characteristics. While there are actually 257 names, the 99 names of Allah are the most popular. These names have different meanings and applications in English, but in the Arabic language, they all refer to Allah.

Relationship between Allah and other names

The relationship between Allah and other names in Islam has many facets. For one thing, Allah is the Arabic word for God, which means “The All-Wise.” Allah is the One and Only God, who knows and owns everything. There are no sins that he has not forgiven.

Allah is also known by many other names. One of these is Al-Maajid, which is derived from the root ‘hamd’. Majd means glory, honor, or magnificence. Therefore, Al-Maajid signifies the highest exalted person in the universe. The name Allah is also referred to as “the Lord of the Universe.” The term hamd means “unqualified praise.” In the Quran, Allah is praised for His mercy and kindness, and this praise is expressed in the phrase ‘al-hamdu lillah’.

Meaning of Allah

Allah is the most important name of God in Islam. This name is not merely descriptive but is also the name of God’s presence. According to Islamic tradition, Allah has existed long before Adam lived on the earth. This God is the same God that Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and the other prophets of Islam worshiped. Muhammad is the last messenger of this God. The word Allah can be rendered as God, rabb, or lord.

Allah is the ultimate reality. This limitless, indivisible, limitless, and all-powerful being is the PERCEIVER, EVALUATOR, and KALIM of all things. As such, Allah is the ONE.

Comparison with other names

Comparing Allah’s name to other names of the god is a controversial issue. Many devout followers of both faiths have claimed that their god is superior to the other. Scholars have tried to clarify the difference between the two names. The term God derives from the Sanskrit ‘hu’, while Allah comes from the Arabic words ‘al’ and ‘ilah.’ Both names refer to a powerful being.

Allah is known by several other names, including Almighty, Creator, All-Seer, and King. These titles are most commonly associated with the name Bismillah, which means “in the name of Allah.” The Arabic word al-Rahman also means “the master of the Day of Judgment.” Muslims reject anthropomorphic descriptions of Allah, but they do describe Allah as having a face and eyes.


The word Allah is used by most Arabic-speaking Muslims and Christians to refer to God. Arab-speaking Jews and Yemenite Muslims also use the word Allah. This word is a translation of the Arabic al-Ilah, which means “god”. The name Allah is also used in the Arabic translations of the Tanakh.

Muslim names for God refer to attributes of God that humans cannot have. Because human beings are limited, God alone possesses these attributes. Therefore, Muslim names for God use definite articles to indicate that Allah alone possesses that attribute.

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